Accutone Headset

  • UB1010 Ultimate Binaural UC Telephone Headset.
    • Designed for any generic Unified Communcations
    • Top-end Acoustics Surpassing Most Competition
    • Aluminum Enclosure and Enhance Plastics Designs
    • Enhanced Noise Cancellation Technology
  • UB610 Binaural UC Telephone Headset.
    • Designed for any generic Unified Communcations
    • A pair of 40mm Wideband loudspeakers for VoIP
    • Strongest durability on the Market
    • Superb Noise-Isolation and Comfort
  • UC 200 Binaural Headset.
    • Zero Compromise in quality for price, is superior than most professional grade competitive headset.
    • Smallest headset ever built to house two 40mm
      wideband speakers.
    • Designed for the noisiest environments, UC200 filters
      out most unwanted background noise.
    • In-line controller equipped with OC hook switch, volume control, mute button and LED-indicator.
    • UC200 is one of the lightest headset in the market
      meanwhile being very strong and durable.
    • 270˚ boom arm rotation with bendable mic boom
      allows highest flexibility for microphone position.
    • ASP circuitry to protect users from sudden loud noise.
    • Sharp-looking elegant curves with multiple adjustable joints from award-winning designers.
  • V Series - USB Business Conference Machines
    V9 Voice Recording USB Conference Machine.
    • Voice-Recording fucntion via MicroSD card
    • Universal compatibility with ANY instant messenger
    • Driver-free Plug-and-Play solution
    • Superb Echo-Cancellation
  • VoIP Series - Best for Communications
    USB400 Professional VoIP Headset.
    • Award-winning Design
    • Inline digital volume control with LED-indicator
    • Stylish Aluminum Microphone arm
    • Powerful Speakers and Noise-canceling Microphone
  • Acoustic Series - Superb Audio Performance
    USB200 Audio-enhanced USB Headset.
    • Accutone BassTechnology Speakers
    • Smallest headset with 40mm Speakers on the market
    • Lightweight and sharp-looking
    • Direct Plug-and-Play
  • CM Series - 3.5mm Connection for Sound Card
    CM300 Performance Multimedia Headset.
    • Audio-enhanced Stereo Speakers
    • Noise-canceling Microphone
    • Gold-plated dual 3.5mm connectors
    • Leatherette and foam cushions
  • CM800 Basic Multimedia Headset.
    • Standard version with 40mm speakers
    • Omni-directional Microphone
    • Standard 3.5mm connectors
    • Leatherette cushions