Accutone Headset

  • TB1010 Ultimate Binaural Telephone Headset.
    • Top-end Acoustics Surpassing Most Competition
    • Sharp-looking and Durable Aluminum Enclosure
    • In-line Universal Compability Switch
    • Enhanced Noise Cancellation Technology
  • WB610 Binaural Telephone Headset for Call Centers.
    • High-Fidelity Wideband Audio Performance
    • The Perfect Choice for the Harshest Environments
    • High-end Acoustic Performance
    • Powerful Noise-cancelling Microphone
    • Comfortable Large Leatherette
  • TB710 Binaural Telephone Headset for Enterprises.
    • Award-winning minimalistic design
    • Sharp-looking elegant curves
    • Lightweight designed for extended usage
    • Strong and durable mechanical design